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F.B.I.S.S. Inc provides a broad range of solutions within the security industry; spanning from the design table to end user training to maintaining the systems integrity. Our services range from very small and simple to large scale applications within residential, governmental or commercial facilities and include a thorough evaluation of each situation on an individual basis. We offer a comprehensive line of products for each system and choose the one that best suits the clients needs. Some of the services we provide are:

· Access Control

· Intrusion Detection

· Fire Alarms

· CCVS Closed Circuit Video Surveillance

· Annual Fire Alarm NFPA 72 Test/Inspection Certification

· UL/FM Listed Central Station Monitoring Service

· Security System False Alarm Elimination

· Service and Repair of Existing Systems

F.B.I.S.S. Inc. provides complete turnkey systems covering all phases of design, installation, and service.

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