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When shopping for CCTV installation for your premises in New York State is important that the company doing it be licensed by New York State Department of State.  To ascertain whether an installer is licensed go to and click on Search for Licensees and Registrants. CCTV installers are listed under Alarm Installers.

Licensed installers will possess a wallet identification card containing the name and title of the installer. The Division of Licensing assigns an unique identification number which consists of eleven numbers and is located at the top left hand corner of the license and wallet identification card.

F.B.I.S.S. Inc  license number is  12000283498


FBI Security Systems offer two main classes of CCTV installation:

Small Business / Entry Level

We will quote for more affordable CCTV Equipment in the entry level of the professional range. The installed Surveillance Systems generally consist of DVD Quality Digital Video Recorders that can hold up to 31 days of video footage without the need of changing any tapes. All Security Cameras in this class work at High Resolution with a minimum of 420 TVL Color and generally incorporate Night Vision and Weather Proof technologies when mounted  externally.

Business / Professional

Similar to Small Business description above, but all CCTV Cameras and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) are the absolute State-Of-the-Art. Chose this class in order to receive a quotation based on more options for quality video transmission, data storage, mounting options and security features.

In this slightly wider budget-range we also offer IP CCTV System Installation, which is a reasonable step for holders of premises that have existing LAN Computer Networks in place. Our preferred range of IP Security Cameras offers Bandwith Saving Functionality, which allows the use of our clients existing Networks in most cases. Is a Local Area Network's bandwith taken up, then the installation of a seperate Network for CCTV becomes inevitable. Ideal CCTV have a range of technologies available that can achieve this, even when special conditions prohibit wiring projects.

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